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prime express free fedex ground upgrade to 3-day shipping west
    Prime Express
    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Prime Express?
    Prime Express is a new program under which Prime Resources will ship orders to locations west of the Mississippi (zones requiring four or five days for Ground delivery) using FedEx Express Saver (3-Day) service, while charging distributors only the Ground shipping rate.

    What products can be shipped via Prime Express?
    There are no limitations on products eligible for Prime Express - this program is available for all Prime Line® items shipping from our Connecticut factory, including unimprinted and clearance items. However, it is limited to production orders (not samples or catalogs) and catalog quantities.

    Does a distributor need to be west of the Mississippi to use Prime Express?
    Not at all. The distributor can be located anywhere (even outside the United States), but the ship-to address must be west of the Mississippi.

    Are there any locations west of the Mississippi where Prime Express isn't available?
    Yes - the program isn't available for shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, or any locations where FedEx doesn't provide Express Saver (3-Day) service. It also doesn't apply to addresses which are west of the Mississippi but receive FedEx Ground deliveries from Connecticut in three days, since Prime Express wouldn't get shipments to these locations any more quickly.

    Does Prime Express apply to shipments outside the United States?
    No. The program applies only to orders shipping to U.S. locations west of the Mississippi.

    Can I ship only part of my order using Prime Express?
    Yes. You can choose to use Prime Express only for specific shipment dates and/or shipping addresses, as long as those addresses are west of the Mississippi. Normal drop shipment charges will apply to orders shipping to multiple addresses.

    Can I use Prime Express for overseas orders?
    No. The program applies only to orders shipping from Prime's factory in Connecticut.

    Can you ship Prime Express on my (or my customer's) third-party account number?
    No. Prime Express is possible because of special arrangements Prime Resources has made with FedEx, which require that the order ship on Prime's FedEx account.

    Can I ship via UPS (or another carrier) and get a free upgrade?
    No. Prime Express is only for shipments carried by FedEx.

    How will Prime know that I want to use Prime Express?
    You must indicate this on your purchase order under shipping instructions. Prime Express is a more expensive shipping method for Prime Resources, and we won't use it unless specifically instructed by you on each order.

    Can I change an order to Prime Express after it ships?
    No. Once an order has shipped we are unable to change the shipping method. Requests to change the shipping method on an order in production will be accommodated if possible, but we may not be able to do this if we aren't contacted before the scheduled ship date.

    Can I use Prime Express to get a discount on faster shipping methods (second day or overnight)?
    No. The shipping upgrade is from FedEx Ground to FedEx Express Saver only. Prime Resources cannot apply a distributor's expected savings from Prime Express to a shipment made via any other class of service.