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Your Source For Custom Cubes

  • Fast Sourcing. Fabulous Prices.
    Overseas buying power and freight consolidation. We source, buy, inventory, warehouse, handle customs, shipping and all the logistics so that you can focus on ideas and sales.
  • Over 40 years of overseas sourcing experience. We eliminate your risk. Carefully-screened factories that are able to meet our high standards for quality, execution and delivery.
  • Prime Line® is the only North American supplier that is a member of IPPAG the International Partnership for Premiums & Gifts

Custom Creations Made Easy

  • Experienced product development team coordinates your custom product with you from idea generation to delivery.
  • Skillfully handling every aspect of your custom project.

Longstanding relationships with overseas factories enables us to deliver a quality custom product at the right price.

Have an idea for a completely new product or a variation on an item you have seen, such as a different size, color or material.

Our creative team will help you create an original, one-of-a-kind promotion

We Make 3-D Renderings
and production proofs.

Provide as many design specifications as you can and our creative team will illustrate a 3-D rendering of your idea.

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